Like stars in the sky,
count the freckles on my back
and find the constellations
I’ve hidden.
They’ve been awaiting your touch.
Make them shine brighter.


7 thoughts on “constellations.

  1. Awww, this poem was absolutely adorable! I don’t have any freckles but I think they’re extremely cute 😊 I think they add charm and character to a person’s appearance. I always get excited when I find little black beauty spots on my face or body. 😊 Psssst… I have a secret one on one of my knuckles which can only be seen when I bend my hand a certain way. ^_^ Hehehe, excuse the random fact.

    Also, the image of the freckles as constellations is absolutely stunning. I enjoyed reading this! 😊


    1. Haha! Secret freckles are the best! I am usually decked out in full yoga attire and am always finding little scars and freckles reminding me that we are all human with unique features. 🙂 You are a lovely human! Keep being brilliant!


      1. Isn’t “lovely human” such a wonderful term?? We are all united as humans and I think it’s such a powerful word. I keep trying to define “human” and am finding that it possesses SO MANY definitions! Ahh!! 🙂


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