If you had asked me
what my ideal “Once Upon A Time” was–
before I danced on hot coals,
before I dared to go to the edge,
before I saw things and felt things I never want to forget–
I would’ve have you told you this:

I want the fairy tale and then some.
I want a wealthy husband and a big ring
because that symbolizes love.
I want a huge house and another home for just the summer,
though we’d rarely ever visit there except on weekends.
I want a walk-in closet filled with designer clothes
because these possessions all equate to happiness.
And I will ride off into the sunset
with a handsome Prince Charming
and life will be bliss.

Ask me again.
Ask me one more time about what it means to have a Happily Ever After
and I will smile at my surroundings and say,
It is this. It is the simplicity in life
and loving myself dearly, not relying on another’s source of love to make me whole.
It is the time I spend in silence,
observing the softness of my bed,
the smiles of my friends,
the tea I drink on cold, rainy days.
Even the rain makes me happy.

Once upon a time, things used to make me happy.
The happily ever after comes from within.


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