humanity, alive.

I can’t help but stare at all the faces
sharing this train car with me.
Maybe you are a single mother on your way to your second job.
Maybe you are a professor of Economics
and are preparing a lecture on your way to university.
Maybe you are selling Biblical quotes,
going from car to car,
With one sale symbolizing a good day for you.
Or maybe you’re like me,
A coffee drinker, a deep thinker,
Not always present and easily swept up in the daily routine of Monday through Friday
Perhaps taking for granted the fact you have a job that needs you.
Or just maybe,
You’ve caught on to the greater lesson of people watching–
That each face, each human holding a backpack or briefcase,
Has a purpose they are trying to live out.
Commend, don’t condemn, another human.
Remember our existence is dependent on working together
Whether you take your tea with 2 sugar cubes or none.


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