I woke up to find a delightful surprise in my inbox from an avid writer and reader of my blog–the one and only The Haunted Lullaby. Really, how great is that! ❤ Thanks a million, Jarrod!

So, I think there are some rules to follow that go along with this award. They are listed below:

1. Show the award on your blog. (check!)
2. Thank the person who nominated you. (double check!!)
3. Share seven facts about yourself. (listed below…yikes.)
4. Nominate 15 blogs.
5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Now, for 7 extremely exciting facts about myself:

  • I don’t like cake. In fact, I’m really not much of a dessert person in general.
  • My mom is my best friend and I have learned that not everyone understands the strong bond we have which is OK. Have we ever had our fair share of arguments? Sure. But at the end of the day, she is the one in my corner, supporting and loving me no matter what.
  • I feel like I lost a really important friendship over the last year and it breaks my heart. I miss her terribly.
  • I love to-do lists but rarely follow through on most of the items on their.
  • My 4th grade, 8th grade, and my high school freshmen English teachers were all huge supporters of my writing and creativity. I attribute a lot of this “carrying out my dreams” business to them. Even though we’ve lost contact over the years, I still find them guiding me and am able to hear their constructive criticisms in the back of my end with each post I put out into the world. They’ve certainly taught me how to be vulnerable through my writing and not apologize for it.
  • I have a ton of Enya’s albums and Gregorian chant on iPod. It’s soothing, OK!?
  • Once upon a time, I fell in love and it was beautiful. Then, it wasn’t and things happened, tears were shed, and ultimately, we called it quits. In many ways, it broke me only to bring out a more vibrant, colorful, free spirit. To this day, a lot of my poetry about love and relationships stems from those relationships we often stay in that have run their course but we continue on with someone who may be all wrong for us. Today, I am grateful for the lessons I learned while we dated which have led to a lot of self reflection and growing on my end.

And now, the most exciting part!!!!!!!! Nominations for 15 other blogs I love/adore/feel inspired by.

  • A World Named Jessie because she is a bad ass and her mind…whoa…just brilliance.
  • I Run This Mind because Mara is a friend I’ve known since 2005 and she blends the art of blogging, running, and mental health advocacy so beautifully. She also quotes a ton of Lord of the Rings.
  • Truthseeker247 because this human is SO rad and SO motivational.
  • Poetreecreations because hi, that domain name is the best and so are the posts.
  • Dennis Cardiff because of his insightful posts.
  • mjswanson because I had the pleasure of being in several classes with him at Second City and HE IS EVERYTHING.
  • Sheila Sea because her writing–erotic, soul-stirring, and penetrating deep into your heart–is a gift to all humans.
  • laurabedlam because I grew up with Laura and her thought process is unreal just like her way with words. We’ve shared similar life experiences and her writing is not the kind to be sugar coated. Love this lady.
  • zdunno03  because he is truly a warrior of all things genius. He has also, in a way, become someone I look up to in the blog community. Plus, he has a rad life!
  • My Wonderland because just looking at her page reflects how my mind feels. There is something for everyone on the page.
  • Antanya in the Fog because I want to read raw, true emotions, and this is one place I find it.
  • Charlotte Hoather because music, words, photos all in one! Yay!
  • Pete Deakon because the stories…so much love.
  • kelzbelzphotography because I love photography so hard.
  • Jarrod C because he needs to be viewed over and over again.

I would honestly vote for all of you because the truth is, you’re all putting yourselves out there. This is courageous and beautiful and inspiring. I am humbled by this nomination from Jarrod.

So much love to you all.

2 thoughts on “A NOMINATION!?!

  1. Wow, you trained at Second City? As in the Improvisational Group in Chicago? I’m sorry for the loss of your friendship. In many ways, that is like experiencing a death and one could argue perhaps more difficult, because the person is still with us, yet for whatever reason, we are unable to move forward in our journey together.

    Like you, I discovered the power of writing through traumatic times and have utilized it as a coping mechanism. I used those negative times to really fuel my writings and work through my emotions. Maintaining my blog has been a real journey. It moved from apprehension to performing something unknown, and as you said, really putting myself out there. I held back a little but as I felt more comfortable and opened up I could never imagine how many wonderful people I have connected with that have had similar experiences. It gives me comfort to know we aren’t alone, though we feel it sometimes, and that there are still people out there that care and want to make a difference.

    I appreciate the kind words you said about my blog and greatly appreciate being recognized in your nomination list. The glory of this nomination goes to you and your blog. My hope is that this will be a stepping stone to allow more people to discover your writings and connect with you. I wish you the best in 2015 and look forward to more of your writings and our interactions.


    1. Haha! I did! I trained at Second City for a few months before a hiatus which ultimately led me to yoga and following a strong urge to teach the practice.

      Writing, for anyone, possesses such a deep release from things that are troubling us, and I am finding that a lot of brilliant minds have a good number of skeletons in their closets. It makes me happy to know that writing has given you a platform to showcase your talent and speak your mind in an eloquent way. Very excited for what 2015 has in store and the impact all blogs have on at least one person’s life. Stay strong and awesome, Jarrod!!

      Liked by 1 person

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