speak for yourself.

When did my priorities
or way of life become your concern?
Traditions have a habit of becoming lost
when change takes place
and force us to reevaluate our selves.
When did you become afraid of that,
of really looking deep inside who you are
and going after what you want?
When did you lose your sense of child-like sense of wonder
and become a pawn in someone else’s game?
What will it take for you to realize
there is no right way to live a life,
that living the best way you know how
is the key to happiness?
When was your passion traded in
for something less than what you deserve?
And when your morals come under questioning,
do you bend and cave?
Do you stand up for what you believe in?
Can you wake up in the morning,
look yourself in the face while you stand in front of the mirror,
and say, I am everything I thought I would be?


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