and then some.

It’s like this, I said.
You know the feeling you get,
that fear creeping up as you venture into darkness
with outstretched hands
and hoping for someone or something to reach back
but they never do?
You know those moments of complete isolation
when you’re not in the mood to talk,
but you do want to feel a presence next to you
because the silence is comforting
and another living being finally relieves you of your insomnia
so you can sleep at least a few hours during the night?
When one foot is standing on “yes”
while the other is grazing the tip of “no”
and your indecisiveness frustrates those around you,
so you choose to stay home instead?
The aches penetrating through muscle and bone
yet you’ve been sedentary for days,
paralyzed by the mere thought of moving just one finger?
It’s the monster under your bed.
It’s always raining
and you always have an excuse for getting out of things.
It’s not because you’re lazy;
it just hurts in all the right places to be.
Do you know those feelings?
Have you sat with them, face to face?
Have you been to that edge, peered over it, and moved back from it
on several occasions?
Because that is what depression feels like
and then some.


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