for mara. with love.

**Writer’s note: My dear friend over at I Run This Mind is as avid a writer as I am. Her words stem from both personal experience and working in the world that is academia. She is a human also dealing with the ebbs and flows of depression and on days when she needs inspiration to write, whether it be for her dissertation or own sanity, this is for her and all the other writers in the universe. Keep fucking writing. Keep telling yourself the IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE and that an eventual “a-ha!” moment will surface through all the scribbles and holes in the pages you’ve left from writing so hard.**

Write like you’re yelling at the person who broke your heart,
who never believed in you,
who waits from the sideline for your crash and burn.
Write like you make love–
passionately, intimately, soulfully,
or not at all.
Write like the world’s on fire,
your pen is the water,
and you are the hero we need in order to survive.

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