be not what they want.

let us run free.
let the stars in our eyes never dull.
let this spot
mark the place
where we’ve seen
what’s beyond the edge of the universe
which is open and infinite
and a place for dreamers and thinkers and questioners.
let us reach out
and touch
the hand of another kindred soul
and make a name for ourselves–
for all those we’ve known,
let us honor them and their great inventions
and their wildest ideas
that nobody thought possible.
let us celebrate difference
and blaze new trails,
humbled by our grief,
grateful for the strife,
bold because fate has dubbed us
the Great ones, the crazy ones, the ones who believe in it all.
my darlings,
do not change your stripes
for the sake of another’s approval
but bask in the absurdity
and the preposterous
and the colorful life you lead.


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