A New Year.

Every year, we come back to our resolutions, vowing that this year will be the year we stick to the plan. Then, life happens. Shit hits the fan. Another resolution put on hold and we feel like we’ve failed.

But the truth is this–resolutions can be made all year round and some resolutions aren’t meant to be conquered within a 12-month timeframe. They are on-going promises we make to ourselves and this is my resolution for you:

Keep writing, keep sharing, keep spilling your hearts out because someone is listening. Keep the freedom of speech alive and well. Practice compassion for those struggling with the same demons as you struggle with. Bring peace to your day knowing that you are always enough.

But most importantly, wake up tomorrow as if it’s any other day, without putting pressure on yourself to achieve greatness by a set due date. You are achieving greatness always.

Thank you for ALL of your comments and feedback and support. I look forward to sharing 2015 with all of you and any new faces that are looking to break the stigma surrounding mental illness! 🙂

Stay awesome, everyone!

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