It’s important to remember the power of the human spirit and how it reignites the fire within us. This quote is for my readers–whether you read every post or come here purely for the poetry or like my weirdness. You have become my virtual friendships that hold so much meaning and value in my life, and I write for you and in honor of breaking the stigma of mental illness, as my good friend, Mara, likes to say. This quote is for my best friends, the ones who have truly stuck by my side, who understand my quirks, who love me unconditionally but are not afraid to call me out on my bullshit. On my lowest days, there are a handful of you who bring me back to the light and remind me that I am so much more than my depression. This quote is for my AWESOME therapist and psychiatrist who keep it real, push me to my emotional limits, but make me feel like I am still capable of conquering the world. And finally, this quote is for my family–especially my mother and my Aunt Deb–two humans who pulled me up before I could hit rock bottom. Two strong, loving, intelligent women I have the pleasure of having as my mentors.

My gratitude is more than just a quote but it’s one way I can convey my thanks to all of you.


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