Welcome, friend! So good of you to drop by, whether it was merely by accident or you were purposeful in your search. I am truly grateful either way. A little about this blog–what was meant to be a platform opening the dialogue surrounding mental health quickly turned into a site for my writing. Poetry, short stories, character development, it just started flowing and I went with it. I have always been a curious creature fascinated by writing and what gives a writer their inspiration to continue scribbling in notebooks or pounding the keys on their laptop.

Several years after graduating from university, I fell victim to depression. This hideous stigma that has affected my family for years finally caught up with me. I was diagnosed (officially) on my 25th birthday and felt I had two options: Lay down and give in to my demons or fight and fight hard. For two years after the initial diagnosis, I struggled with relationships, living up to societal norms, and, most importantly, self-acceptance. It wasn’t until I publicly displayed my very personal poetry – a hobby I had kept to myself since grade school – that I quickly realized I wasn’t alone in my fight.

The result: a blog filled with my original poetry, some blog posts on working through my depression, and photographic proof that while depression is something I will always struggle with it is totally possible to thrive from it.

The hope–well, the hope is just to connect and converse with good people. I also hope you stick around, like what you read, and find that having a truly beautiful life is possible despite battling mental illness. You are awesome. You are necessary. You are a fighter.

Peace & Prozac,